Kareena Kapoor Not Pregnant

Speculations about Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy have turned out to be baseless rumours. Just recently the paparazzi clicked an apparently plump picture of Kareena Kapoor while she was making an exit from the airport and news channels went haywire with speculations on whether Bebo was pregnant.
As it turns out, these all are just baseless rumours coming from idle minds working overtime. While allegedly Kareena Kapoor was much amused about the news but chose to maintain stoic silence over it, sources close to the actress confirm that there is no truth to these speculations and perhaps the pictures were clicked from an improper angle.
What added fuel to the speculations was that Kareena was covering her belly with a shawl giving gossipmongers an excuse to say that she was making an attempt to hide her baby bump.
All these rumours will come to rest once Kareena Kapoor restarts shooting for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine by February end. We guess Bhandarkar would be the happiest person to know that the speculations were baseless. He wouldn’t have wanted another pregnancy to stop his ambitious project.

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