Kiran Bedi’s Courtroom Drama Continues




Kiran Bedi’s Courtroom Drama ContinuesFormer cop, Dr Kiran Bedi returns to the tube, with the third edition of her grief-redressal show, Aap Ki Kachehri on Star Plus. However, even before it goes on air, the broadcaster confirms that they are keen on bringing more seasons of the show. “Yes, we will have more editions. In a country like ours where forums to resolve basic and sometimes, slightly complicated matters are not present, we need a show like this,” says Monika Shergill, senior creative director, Star Plus. Stressing on the show’s nature of addressing public grievances, Shergill adds, “Every pocket of our country is brimming with conflicts in the personal and professional space. This show helps people find legally, morally and ethically correct solutions to all kinds of issues.”
The channel announced the show’s third season back in December last year. However, it took them four months to bring it on air. When asked what caused the delay, Shergill says that the show had moved into real spaces in the form of a redressal forum addressed by Dr Bedi. “It not only travelled to Indore, Mumbai and Delhi, but with the help of NGOs, it also moved into remote pockets of the country,” she adds. In between, Bedi even lost her voice temporarily, as a result of her vociferous protesting with Anna Hazare in the capital. This time as the show steps out of the studio space, it will feature more complex and relationship-oriented cases.



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