Local Lukhnavi Look For Vidya Balan In Promos


 Local Look For Vidya Balan In PromosAlthough Lucknow has been famous for its clothes but now it’ll be even more talked about as actor Vidya Balan will be donning a typical Lakhnavi look when she visits the city for the promotion of her soon to release film ‘The Dirty Picture’.

In the film, Vidya’s look in the red sari that she has donned in the song “Ooh La La” has been greatly appreciated and Vidya wants to create the same look when she travels to different cities across the country. And to connect with her fans in each of the city, Vidya has chosen to wear clothes got from local people.

“My look in the red sari was appreciated a lot so we decided that when we go to different cities to promote the film, I’ll wear the red sari. Then we also wanted the public to be involved so we got tailors in different cities to make saris and blouses for me which I would wear when I visit their city,” says Vidya.

And so a red sari is being made by a popular showroom in Hazratganj while the matching blouse to go with it has been made by Ajmal Hussain, a tailor who has a small shop in the Rajajipuram area of Lucknow. “It’s like a dream come true for me,” says Ajmal “I have always like Vidya Balan and now having been chosen to stitch a blouse for her is a big honour for me,” says Ajmal who’s also excited at the prospect of meeting his leading lady when she visits the city. Iti Shree Misra

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