‘You Have To Look Desirable’ – Alia Bhatt

With all her films doing good at the box office, Alia Bhatt is quite happy about it but is aware that success should not go to her head. “I don’t know how to measure success. I have been fortunate that I got exciting films to do and work with talented directors who brought out the best in me. I am thankful to Karan for giving me a dream break in the industry,” the actress said.

”I think the success that I have is due to hard work and destiny. It is important to stay grounded and not take things for granted. With each film I want to entertain the audience,” she said. But the actress says personally success has not changed much for her. “I have become busy. But there is no drastic change. I think after doing lot of films which are good you will have a strong fan base and it feels great,” Alia said. Though she has achieved success with her every film, she worries about failure. “Failure worries me, nobody wants to fail. There is a fear that one day films will not come my way or if someone doesn’t watch your film, that is a worrying point. It is unpredictable in the industry. But I am happy that my films have done well,” Alia said.

She thinks besides being a good actor, an actress also needs to maintain her looks. “I do weight training and follow strict diet. It is very important to look a certain way. I don’t think being extra skinny and thin is desirable, but you have to be fit. At the end of the day in this profession, people put money on you and you have to look desirable,” Alia said.


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