‘Love Yourself’

 'Love Yourself'

‘Love Yourself’

Bipasha Basu is known for her chiseled figure. While women are known to take pointers from DVDs on ways to stay healthy, the actress is now turning personal trainer for her family and close friends as well.


“Bipasha’s hairstylist was so impressed by her love and dedication towards fitness that she took up exercise and lost a lot of weight. Now, Bipasha is encouraging her family and friends to get fit. She calls her mother (Mamta Basu) every morning to remind her to go for a jog. She even coaxes her sister (Bijoyeta) to visit the gym. She also motivates her friends to take up a disciplined fitness routine,” says a source close to the actor.


Bipasha feels that there are more than just physical benefits to working out. “I coax my mother and sister, so that they can have a positive mental outlook besides staying fit. Working out results in relaxation,” she says.


Bipasha adds, “My philosophy in life is, ‘love yourself’. Exercise is like an investment; it not only helps you look good and stay healthy, but also improves your efficiency.”

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