Madhuri Has A Lot Cooking


Madhuri with Husband and son

Madhuri with Husband and son

Looks like Madhuri Dixit’s hubby Dr Sriram Nene has become a full time manager of his celebrity wife. Sources say, that from the time Mads sacked her secretary Rikku Rakeshnath, Dr Nene has been handling most of her work, including being a hands-on daddy at home to their sons Arin and Ryan. Whatever happened to the talks of him joining a hospital?


Well, it was heard that Mr Madhuri Dixit (that is how he is being addressed these days) was offered lucrative jobs by some of the leading ‘five star’ hospitals in the city but he had rejected all these high-flying jobs and had settled for a government hospital.


But all those talks seem to have died down, and at present his hands are full handling several activities for his wife so that she stays in the news and be available for all her fans whenever they wish to know something about her.


Apparently, Mrs Nene had appointed a team of gadget freaks and internet experts to work on her website and make her presence felt when she returned from Denver for good over a year back. Industry sources say, now the hubby dearest has taken over and is a full-time manager for his wife.


Interestingly, Mads is planning a cookbook which will contain her mother’s Maharashtrian recipes. Madhuri surely has some unique and innovative plans up her sleeve to combat competition from the younger lot and also keep her near and dear ones happy.

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