Makers Of Aakrosh Undeterred With ‘A’ Certificate

Ajay Devgn starrer Aakrosh is releasing with an ‘A’ certificate this week but the film’s makers are not too worried as they say that the movie is aimed at a mature audience.
“Aakrosh wasn’t designed as a kiddie flick in any case. This is a dramatic affair and inspired by true events that have been rocking the nation for a few years now. Honour killing is a serious issue and we want the adults in the country to wake up to this fact,” said producer Kumar Mangat. Makers Of Aakrosh Undeterred With 'A' Certificate
When this Priyadarshan-directed film was presented before the Censor board, a huge list of cuts were suggested since the it makes a direct reference to honour killings and also carries a strong undertone of religion and political violence coupled with raw language.
“They wanted us to make more than a dozen odd cuts due to these factors. If we would have consented to that, Aakrosh would have got a U/A certificate,” said Mangat.

“However, we couldn’t agree on this. If we would have introduced those cuts, the core essence of the film would have been lost. The purpose of making this film was to expose the harsh reality of our society rather than delivering a sugar coated feel good message,” he added.

The producer says that although the ‘A’ certificate is not desirable, but he is happy that they didn’t have to compromise on the flavour of the film.

“It was not the best case scenario but still, given the circumstances, it is okay. Now there are only 3-4 cuts in the film but we are happy that we didn’t have to compromise with the flavour. Omkara too was given an ‘A’ certificate but the film was a success and is hailed as a cult film. Such films find their target audience so I am not worried,” he said.

“With this film, we are happy to making our small contribution to the society. If Aakrosh can ruffle a few feathers and make our responsible society wake up to the atrocities being committed by some nefarious elements in this world, I would feel that it was worth it to make the film”, said Mangat.

Aakrosh stars Ajay Devgn, Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu and Paresh Rawal in principal roles with Reema Sen and Amita Pathak as strong supporting characters. Sameera Reddy and Urvashi Sharma have also been roped in for special item numbers that have been put to tune by Pritam. The film releases all over on October 15.


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