Manjari Phadnis Sports 16 Looks In 3-minute Song





Manjari Phadnis Sports 16 Looks In 3-minute SongThose who might not recall Manjari Phadnis from Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Naa, would instantly remember the girl who often asked, “What’s this?” during the course of the Imran Khan-Genelia D’Souza romcom. She attributes her absence to waiting for the right role. In her new film, Zokkomon, she not only teams up with another Aamir Khan Productions’ protégé, Darsheel Safary, but also sports 16 different looks for a three-odd-minute song.

Manjari describes how the song comes in the movie after a sequence in which her character saves Darsheel for the first time. But isn’t the boy playing a super kid in the film? She replies, “This is in the earlier part of the film, when he’s feeling low. I get into these various characters to cheer him up.”

Manjari will be seen in a range of get-ups inspired by Anarkali, Julie Andrews, Catherine Zeta Jones’ character in Chicago, a 1970’s rock star, Helen, an Arabian Nights girl and even a mustachioed Akbar in a span of three minutes. Giving complete credit to the director, she says, “It was completely Satyajit’s (director Satyajit Bhatkal) idea. I played my role, aided by my make-up man, hairstylist and costume-designer to look these parts convincingly. Not to forget Shaimak Davar, who has choreographed it fabulously,” she enthuses about filming the track in five days.

Expressing satisfaction with the scope her character graph gave her the scope to perform, Manjari is also all praise for Darsheel. More so when she accidentally hurt him in a song and he didn’t ask for the shot to be cut midway. “I accidentally knocked him, and he got hurt due to his braces. It was only at the end of the shot that I realised he was hurt and apologised to him for it. He knew it was a mistake and he was okay,” she recalls.

It seems after Zokkomon releases, Manjari will disappear from the screen again, as she’s yet to sign another movie. “I’m in talks with a few producers, but I don’t want to discuss them till I start shooting. But this time, the wait wont be so long,” she promises.



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