Meenakshi, Performance Oriented


Actress Meenakshi

Actress Meenakshi is very excited about the character she plays in the upcoming Mandhira Punnagai in which she pairs up with director-turned-actor Karu Pazhaniappan. She’s over the moon that the film gave her scope to prove her acting abilities.

“The entire film was shot in just over 90 days… and my part was done in 63 days! My patience has finally paid off,” she begins. Mandhira Punnagai is also directed by Karu Pazhaniappan, who has helmed hits like Parthiban Kanavu and Pirivom Santhippom earlier.

Disclosing details about her character in the film, she says, “I play Nandhini, who works in an automobile showroom. She believes in equality of genders. Though people usually wouldn’t mind if girls shirk responsibility, Nandhini believes that a girl should be responsible. She’s self-dependant and doesn’t mince words. She wears western outfits, but not vulgar ones. She also knows the difference between a ‘boy friend’ and a ‘boyfriend’ and doesn’t cross the line. In short, she is the woman of today.”

So, how did she land the offer? “I got a call from the makers while I was in Mumbai. I flew down to Chennai for a day to audition for the character. I changed into several costumes and even did a screen test without any make-up. I was given several sheets of dialogues to deliver. Finally, before I took the flight that evening, Pazhaniappan confirmed me. They sent me the contract by courier the next day,” she smiles.

Meenakshi also says that Mandhira Punnagai is a typical Pazhaniappan film. “Take the story out and there will be nothing left. There are is no glamour, no hi-fi action scenes and no glitzy sets. I don’t do movies just to increase the count. In fact, I get bored easily if the script is not interesting. I’ve always wanted to do performance-oriented roles. That way, Mandhira Punnagai was worth the wait,” she signs off.

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