Mimoh To Make Bengali Debut




Mimoh To Make Bengali DebutThe highlight of Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming horror movie, Haunted, will not only be the fact that its being touted as Bollywood’s first stereoscopic 3D film. It will also mark the comeback of Mithun Chakraborty’s son, Mahakshay, who was criticised beyond belief for his debut film, Jimmy, in 2008. At which point, many wondered why he, like his father, didn’t consider a career in Bengali cinema. But that’s not the reason he has signed on his first Bengali film this year.

“It is Venkatesh Films’ 50th production, that’s why they have locked me on for it,” says the actor, adding that the film is an out-and-out masala entertainer. “Since it’s my first film in that industry, I want to do everything. There will dance, drama and action.”

First introduced to the film industry as Mimoh, the actor doesn’t mince words to describe how badly he was affected by the failure of his debut film. “I was broken… dead man walking, actually. I can’t cry over spilt milk, we all make mistakes. But I’d been foolish if I made the same mistake again,” says Mahakshay, who claims, he is looking for acceptance’ with his next-week release.  “Technically, I’m still not part of Bollywood. That’s why I spent the last three years bettering myself. My hair is different, my physique is new and I sport a beard.”

Not worried about always being compared to his father, Mahakshay has learnt to accept what will always be the tough way. “Why run away from that? I will always be known as his son. I’ve embraced that,” says the actor, who unlike his character, Rehan, in Haunted, does believe in the supernatural. He connects his belief in fate and destiny to his return to the big screen. And while he knows the critics will be ready for him this time too, he is confident. “My family stood by me and helped me emerge from that time. So even if there are comparisons made now, I’m immune to it,” he laughs.




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