Minissha Lamba Detained




Minissha Lamba DetainedThe Mumbai airport Customs on Wednesday detained Bollywood actor Minissha Lamba with undeclared diamond jewellery worth around Rs 50 lakh. Lamba was detained while she was crossing the ‘green channel’ at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport without declaring the jewellery. Passengers who do not have anything to declare can only walk through the ‘green channel’.

She was returning after attending the Cannes International Film festival. She came by Emirates flight via Dubai at around 8.30am.

When the Customs officials checked her baggage they found some diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants. The officials also found some expensive clothes and purses. When asked about the jewellery, she said that she was given the same by a jeweller in Mumbai itself to showcase the same at Cannes. As per rules, a passenger carrying jewellery has to declare it before flying abroad and obtain an export certificate. On the basis of certificate, the passenger is not required to pay duty on the jewellery on return. When Customs officials asked her why she did not declare the jewellery before flying abroad, she said that she was not aware of the rule and nobody guided her. The Customs authorities were getting the jewellery valued by experts to get the exact value of the same. The Customs officials were recording Lamba’s statement till late evening.



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