Arnold’s Terminator Genisys fails to work at box office

Arnold Schwarzenegger might have insisted that he is “old, but not obsolete” inTerminator Genisys but box office has proved otherwise.

The film, made at an approximiate cost of $155 million, earned only $28.7 million over the weekend in America and totalled $44.2 million over 5 days, according to Rentrak, which compiles box office data.

Internationally, it earned $74 million in total as Jurassic World still went strong after earning $42 million.

The opening box office results for Terminator Genisys were among the worst in the five-movie Terminator series, which began in 1984. The movie did much better overseas, where Schwarzenegger’s star power is brighter.

It has also placed a question on Arnold’s future as his most ambitious film after return failed to work.

Paramount bosses are now keeping their fingers crossed for the film to do well in China, giving their revenue a boost.

Though Chinese audiences often go against the global tide, and there are numerous examples box office recoveries for films that have met disappointing receptions elsewhere like Need for Speed, Escape Plan and Cloud Atlas, but grossed much higher in China, Rob Cain writes for Forbes.

Pictures like Bait 3D and The Expendables 3 were also embraced by audiences in China like nowhere else.

Terminator Genisys has several elements that should count in China, firstly, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s remained popular even years after his popularity faded in most countries.

Secondly, China is also known for movies featuring robots, disasters, and machines, which is all there in the film.

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