Now, Ramu Locks Horns With Bhansali

Ram Gopal Varma who loves to take potshots at filmmakers on Twitter, has targetted director Sanjay Leela Bhansali this time.  

Now, Ramu Locks Horns With BhansaliCommenting on the trailer of Guzaarish, Ramu writes on his Twitter page, “Just can’t stand the close-up of Hrithik’s teeth being brushed by Ash. Anyday will watch Dhoom 2 ten times again.”

But to balance things out, the director didn’t hesitate to pull his own leg. “But then I am the maker of Aag,” he writes further.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, however, is not amused. “I really have no time or patience with this sort of behaviour. Ramu has always met me with much enthusiasm about my films in the past. So if he had an opinion on Guzaarish he should have shared it with me instead of putting it on Twitter. And by the way, doesn’t he have a release coming up (Rakta Charitra)? He should just focus on that instead of worrying about the content of other people’s films,” he says.


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