Our Dads Don’t Need To Meet: Shahid

Speculation is rife about Sonam Kapoor being upset about the spotlight being on co-star Shahid Kapoor in his dad Pankaj Kapur’s film, Mausam. She’s not only peeved about having fewer scenes, but also about the director’s leisurely way of shooting. The actor had allotted 140 days to the film, but Shahid’s sudden trip to South Africa for a concert added to all the other reasons for the delay and has thrown her schedule for Anees Bazmee’s Thank You off track.

Our Dads Don’t Need To Meet: ShahidIn a bid to sort out the issue, her dad, Anil Kapoor, has reportedly requested a meeting with Pankaj at producer Sheetal Jain’s house. A miffed Shahid points out that the two dads have known each other for almost 25 years since their first film, Chameli Ki Shaadi, in 1986. “They don’t need to meet at Sheetal Jain’s house to discuss non-issues over dinner, when they know that the other is just a call away,” he retorts, adding that three-quarters of Mausam has been completed. “We have shot for 85 days and Sonam’s been around most of the time.” According to him, if there was an unanticipated hitch, it was when Sonam took to bed with typhoid. “But that’s something that could have happened to anyone and she has been extremely accommodating since she has been back on her feet. The film is well on course,” Shahid insists.


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