Peer Pressure Vs Generation Gap

Peer Pressure Vs Generation GapMedia is known to reflect society. And Star Plus’ latest TV show, Navya – Nayi Dhadkan, Naye Sawaal, is doing just that. Based on the lives of two teenage characters — Navya and Anant — the show aims to delve into subjects and issues that most youngsters their age, face.  In the process, they hope to find a solution.

The actors, Soumya Seth and Shaheer Sheikh, who play the roles of Navya and Anant respectively, thought very differently on the problems they face. “I think peer pressure is the main issue with most 19 year olds,” says Soumya, who is currently 21 years old. “My character fights a similar situation in the show.”

In an episode where all Navya’s friends are looking forward to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the issue comes forth clearly. “Some people like playing along and some don’t. Why make a hue and cry about things that completely depends on one’s choice? And I know a lot of young people fall under these pressures,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Shaheer, who is 26 and plays a 19 year old in the show, feels parents need to be more understanding towards young growing men. “They need to be able to fight the generation gap much more actively when it comes to dealing with their own children,” he says, adding that he found a solution to this aging issue by remaining brutally honest to his parents. “They don’t always understand, but if we keep them in the loop, they just may.” His character in the show is that of a grounded young man, who is aware that his father doesn’t agree with him many times, but still continues to hold on to his principles.

In the same vein, Soumya also believes that telling the truth and not being afraid of being yourself is what can help most youngsters. “It is important to always be honest with your family,” she says. “They’re the ones who will be standing by us at the end of it all. Any Indian girl will be able to connect with Navya. She lives in Lokhandwala, but she’s controlled at the same time.”



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