Pooja Bhatt Seeks ‘Ultimate Woman’




Pooja Bhatt Seeks 'Ultimate Woman'Actor turned filmmaker Pooja Bhatt, 39 is on a mission to find the ‘ultimate woman’ for Jism 2. But before any conjecture about her lifestyle is made, she’s quick to clarify, “I want to find a woman who’s confident, not just in her body, but mind and spirit as well, for Jism 2. She needs to be demanding, intelligent, stunningly sensual and beautiful. Perhaps too much to ask from the typical Bollywood actor.”

Jism 2 is a sequel to her 2003 mega hit, Jism that launched actor John Abraham’s career and anointed Bipasha Basu as a sex symbol. “Right now my dad’s working on the screenplay and from what we have so far I’m quite excited. This film is going to be an era defining film just like last time.”

Does this mean it will be more bold? “This film is about contemporary reality. Of course there’ll be one section of the audience which will come expecting titillation but that has no impact on the content of my films,” she says defensively.

Quiz her about the casting for the film and she says, “I don’t want to cast some big names and announce it even before I have an actual script. But I can tell you that this time around there will be two male leads vying for one woman.” So any chance of seeing either Basu or Abraham in the film. Bhatt says, “That story ended with the last film.” Could it also be because they recently split? “How can that affect the film. If the final scripts demands for an appearance by either of them, it will happen,” she says. Looks like Bhatt is ready to steam up the screens again, though this time it will be from behind the camera.



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