Priyanka On Playing Susanna, Lover And Killer

There is something in her eyes that is hard to miss these days. The confident, successful and witty lady we all know as Priyanka Chopra looks more like Susanna, her character in 7 Khoon Maaf, than her usual self. Still in the mould of her character while promoting the film at Select City Walk, Delhi, her smile and her eyes look very much like that of Susanna we see in trailers of her latest movie.

Priyanka On Playing Susanna, Lover And KillerThe fine nuances for all the seven different avatars she portrays on screen did not come so easily though. She had to work really hard.

Says Priyanka, “When the responsibility is thrown upon you, you have to do justice to it. For me playing the middle-aged Susanna was most difficult, as if you look at the women around you, they don’t change drastically. It’s challenging to bring out that subtle difference in the character.”

Understanding the psychology of Susanna was one of the challenges that Priyanka faced while preparing for her role. “One thing that I liked about Susanna is that she’s an eternal lover. She’s so passionate about love that it’s almost spiritual. What I don’t like about her is that she’s very weak in love and loses control if it goes wrong.” Ask her about her favourite husband in the movie, and pat comes a reply with a killer smile, “None, that’s why I killed them all,” but adds in the same breath, “but I loved romancing them all.”

Romancing the father-son duo Naseeruddin and Vivaan, was another interesting aspect of being Susanna.

“I saw them as characters not as father-son while shooting for the film. It’s probably because they didn’t have scenes together. Only when Vivaan and Naseer sir were together on sets, I could see them as father and son. Working with Vivaan was fun. We hung out together and connected quite well. He is a very talented actor and it doesn’t seem that he hasn’t acted before.” “For working with Naseer sir, I had to take a workshop before. That calmed me down. I was very apprehensive about working with him as I have seen and respected him in films like Chamatkar and a lot more. Working with people who are institutions in themselves is tough in that sense.” Meanwhile, she is geared up to star in Agneepath remake where she’ll play a prostitute’s daughter.


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