Rahul Bhatt Looking To Clean His Image

I didn’t know whom was I hanging around with until the police came knocking at my door, identifying the man as the criminal mastermind,” rues Rahul Bhatt, producer-director-writer Mahesh Bhatt’s son who had been embroiled in the David Headley controversy. “If that story were ever to be turned into a film, I’d love to play my part in it because no one else can play it more convincingly. My father and I may just consider this subject for our next movie.”

Rahul Bhatt Looking To Clean His Image Rahul, a popular gym instructor, admits to have entered the House with an agenda. “I wanted people to know who I really was because there have been too many rumours about me in the public domain. The show was the perfect platform for clearing the air,” he adds.

Bhatt junior, who chose Bigg Boss on Colors over his father’s film Jism 2, was too happy to return home on Diwali. He states that the show taught him a lot but doesn’t match the experience he had while handling a real life controversy. “Staying in the House has added to my experiences. I can read people’s minds a lot better now,” says Rahul, who has made great friends with Aanchal Kumar and The Great Khali during his stay in the house.

“Thank God I came out now. I was beginning to get bored. I wasn’t even providing enough for TRPs.” The Bhatt scion was expected to make his Bollywood debut in Suicide Bomber that didn’t take off out of creative differences between the producers and the director. Does he still plan to act? “Of course, dad is looking at scripts. He hasn’t found the right one yet. But I know for sure that I have to do a couple of action films because those will showcase my strengths. I’m not the melodrama variety,” he reasons.

Whenever he makes his debut, Rahul plans to write his own dialogue for the film. “I’m dyslexic; I can’t mug up long sentences. So, I’d rather write my lines,” he says. “I’m not as gifted as dad or my sister Pooja to write scripts. But I’m imaginative with stories.”

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