Rahul Bose Not Waiting For Anyone




Rahul Bose Not Waiting For AnyoneGoing by the variety of characters that actor Rahul Bose has played on screen over the years, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that he loves to experiment and surprise his audience. In fact, his just-released film, Kucch Luv Jaisaa, only proves it further. Sitting in a hotel room in Delhi, Rahul speaks excitedly about his character, Raghav, in the film. “Raghav is a small time criminal, who forges his passport. One day, while he is running away from the police, he meets this fun-loving housewife Madhu (played by Shifaali), and the story revolves around how this meeting changes their lives and belief system.” He further adds, “I love doing films on relationships, be it Mr and Mrs Iyer, Pyar Ke side effects or I Am.” The 43-year old, who was all praises for his co-star Shifaali, says, “It’s great working with talented actors like Konkona, Tabu or Shifaali, who create magic through their effortless acting. On the other hand, working with a bad actor is tiring.” Prod him about the rumours that the movie is projected to be an out and out Shifaali film and he says, “We both have key roles. Let the film release and you will know.”

Presently, Rahul is quite kicked up about his kitty of upcoming projects. “My upcoming projects include Travelling with Mohammad directed by Arun Asthana. It’s about the Hindu-Muslim divide. There is also Varun Malhotra’s Jeene Do, a strange love story, and Deepa Mehta’s adaptation of Midnight’s Children, Winds Of Change.” Lastly, it seems the actor has no plans of getting married any time soon. “No not right now.” So is he waiting for the right girl? “I am not waiting for anyone. I have passed that waiting phase (smiles),” he says.



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