Ranveer, Anushka Deny Seeing Each Other


“Ranveer Singh is overdramatic and psychotic. God help the person who dates Anushka (Sharma). She is too demanding.”

Ranveer, Anushka Deny Seeing Each OtherThis is the manner in which the new ‘it’ couple of Bollywood respond when asked if they are seeing each other. Tired of clearing the air about their relationship, Sharma says, “I have sworn on my movie Band Baaja Baarat that he and I are not dating. There isn’t bigger proof I can give,” says Sharma.
Confirming his co-star’s remarks, Singh says they are not even “civil” with each other. “Our relationship is such that we are unabashedly taking each other’s case, tearing each other’s hair out if we happen to spend even fifteen minutes at a stretch in one room,” says Singh.
Retorting to Singh’s remarks, Sharma says, “Someone who is so self-absorbed is going to find the other person demanding. He keeps to himself most of the time. He is not a person who will ask his girlfriend about her day and if she is okay or not. Hats off to the girl who is ever going to date him.”
While it may seem like this relationship is more hate than love, Sharma points out that she doesn’t blame him for his unsavoury comments about her.
“He is in a stage of his life where everything is new. It will take him two years to settle down. It took me that much time to realise the ways of the industry and what was happening around me.”
The couple, who shared intimate chemistry in their last movie, will be seen together once again this year in Yashraj Films’ Ricky Bahl Vs Ladies, albeit in a different avatar. While Singh will be playing a charming con man who makes a living by fooling young women, Sharma will drive him up the wall. Both actors are currently working out to sport western looks for their film. Sharma says, “My styling in the film is very boho grunge, really cool. For the films I was doing last year, I didn’t need to be in any particular shape so I wasn’t concentrating on my body. But for this film, I need to be sexy.”



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