Ranveer-Deepika Close It With A Hug



Ranveer Singh is known to wear his heart on his sleeves. And the boisterous actor, who has been making grandiose statements of love for the relatively quieter Deepika, grabbed yet another opportunity to show how much he really cares for her. Deepika was in Dubai for her upcoming film, when Ranveer joined her for some hectic socialising and romantic dancing.

 Sources say the couple spent a large part of January 16 shopping, before taking a break to prepare for their evening date. They met again at a nightclub close to midnight. When Deepika walked in,  she was greeted by Ranveer and a bunch of his close friends from college – husband and wife Deepak and Khushalani, Girish and Dilip.

According to an eye-witness, Ranveer introduced Deepika to his buddies before the group settled down for drinks at a VIP table. In less than 30 minutes, Deepika had befriended Ranveer’s pals, and they happily began to click pictures to preserve the moment. In fact, Deepika herself took a few pictures of Ranveer fooling around with his buddies.

A couple of hours later, a spirited Ranveer requested Deepika to join him on the dance floor, and she obliged. The two danced closely for the next hour, say eye witnesses, adding that they only paused to withdraw to a quiet corner for a chat and a quick peck on the cheek now and then. So comfortable were the two in the setting that when a member of the staff wanted to take a picture, they agreed without a second thought. It was only around 4 am that the couple left the club.

Said Ranveer, “I had a couple of days off between Ram Leela and Gunday, so I decided to go to Dubai for the shopping festival … several of my college friends are also based in Dubai. The Race 2 team was also there so we all went clubbing together and had a good time.”

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