Real Life Couples Don’t Work On Screen: Saif




Real Life Couples Don’t Work On Screen: SaifThe team of Agent Vinod has hit Delhi again! In the coming month, keep an eye for Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor as they film across Old Delhi and Lutyens Delhi. Chatting with Saif during his time- off, lounging in a five star hotel while girlfriend Kareena filmed some scenes elsewhere, the usually composed actor looked sleep deprived and haggard. But all is well, he says. “No, I am good, I slept well last night. Maybe it’s the series of interviews that is taking its toll,” he says jokingly. “Do you mind if I lie down?” he adds, lying down on the couch with his head on the armrest, hugging a cushion.

“In fact, I am at my fittest best. Agent Vinod (his character) cannot be a fat man rolling around Delhi so I had to in perfect shape. I did shed a couple of kilos and now I am 72 kgs,” he says.

Besides, ever since his heart problem two years ago, Saif ensures that he gets regular medical check-ups done. “I got a complete check-up done before coming to Delhi. The doctor said everything is great. He even said that I had the lungs of a non-smoker and I wondered as at one point I used to smoke a lot.” For this, the actor credits his gym routine, yoga, non-drinking, non-smoking and Kareena, who’s known to be a fitness freak. “Bebo has taught me to respect my body as something divine. She thinks of her body as a temple and so do I … just with the occasional pub crawl. But that’s ok… isn’t it?”

Coming back to his home production Agent Vinod which has been making news for all the wrong reasons, Saif says, “There’s no smoke without fire.” In 2010, it was reported that Saif had a falling out with director Sriram Raghavan and co-producer Dinesh Vijan. Soon after, it was rumoured that his production house Illuminati was shutting down due to professional disagreements. Saif explains, “There was no irregular stress between me and my director. When you work on a script there is bound to be some creative differences sometime we are yelling at each other but it’s all a part of the creative process.”

The actor will be seen with Kareena after the 2009 dud Kurbaan. He agrees it’s a risk as real life couples usually don’t work on screen. “I have experienced this first hand. There’s a comfort and a lack of tension between real couples which can lead to nothingness on screen. But, in this film we have worked a lot on the relationship on screen so that it does not look like some kind of off screen hangover.”



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