RGV In Censor Trouble Over ‘Mahabharat’

After spoofing the national anthem in Rann, controversy’s favourite child Ram Gopal Varma has invited trouble again by quoting from Mahabharat on Rakht Charitra’s posters.

RGV In Censor Trouble Over 'Mahabharat'The censor board in Hyderabad has objected to a ‘quote’ used from the epic – ‘Revenge is the purest emotion’ and has asked the producers of the film to remove the reference, a leading tabloid reported.

A source tells the tabloid, “The censor board told them that there is no proof that the quote in question, ‘Revenge is the purest emotion’, is indeed from the Mahabharata. They have asked for it to be removed. However, all the poster designs have already been made and distributed. Now, the producers have no option but to change each one of them, which involves a huge cost.”

Producer of the film Sheetal Talwar confirms to the tabloid, “Yes, they have asked us to remove it. We believe that the sentiments of the people are important and if this hurts them then we will remove it.”


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