Rishi Kapoor Calls Deepika Immature

The Deepika Padukone-Sonam Kapoor episode of Koffee With Karan has miffed Rishi Kapoor to no end. The protective father is very angry with the ladies for taking potshots at his son, Ranbir Kapoor and believes that it’s the classic case of sour grapes with the ladies
Rishi Kapoor Calls Deepika ImmatureBuzz is that the much talked about episode is threatening to spoil the otherwise cordial relations between the Kapoors and Karan Johar.
So what did the ladies say after all? Sonam Kapoor declared that Ranbir badly needed a stylist. She also admired Deepika for tolerating him for so long and said that he can never be faithful in a relationship. Deeming him a terrible boyfriend, she said that she saw ‘it’ all during the infamous shoot of Saawariya and was not interested in him at all.
Deepika Padukone took digs at him relentlessly. She said that she would like to gift Ranbir a pack of condoms and if she ever woke up as RK one day, she would like to go back to sleep. She rated him the least on sex appeal and she discreetly took digs at him for cheating on her.

While some people believe that the girls took it too far with their volley of potshots, others believe that KJo irked them; especially Dips to talk about him.

Obviously RK’s parents are not amused and blame Karan Johar for instigating the girls. A source said, “Neetu was so mad when she heard what the two actresses had said that she called up Karan and fired him for allowing that kind of talk on the show.”

Even dad Rishi Kapoor made no efforts to hide his anger and said that he didn’t expect this behaviour from KJo. Rishi said, “We’ve done so much for Karan… We have gone twice on his show. We even gave bytes for the show featuring Imran and Ranbir out of pure love for Karan. In return, what does he do? Provoke guests on his show to get better TRPs? There’s no respect for relationships.”

He threatened KJo and said that if he continues to do so, the entire Kapoor khandaan will not work with him. He didn’t stop at KJo and said that the girls should concentrate on their career. “It just shows their (Deepika and Sonam) class. I would like to tell them to stop giggling all the time and instead grow up and behave maturely.”

Seems like Ranbir’s daddy is the ‘strongest’!


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