Rude-Shock: Kapil Behind Mad In India’s failure

Rude-Shock: Kapil Behind Mad In India's failure

Rude-Shock: Kapil Behind Mad In India’s failure


When Sunil Grover aka Gutthi left Kapil’s show there was a huge hullabaloo in the grapevine, where numerous possible reasons about former’s leaving the show were propounded by those residing in the tinsel town.

But subsequently with an aim to match the popularity stature of Kapil, Grover within no time announced his own comedy-cum-talk show “Mad In India”. And soon after he even launched the same on Star TV. But contrary to his expectations “Mad In India” could never succeed in giving any competition to Kapil’s show.
And now after having a tryst with reality, it looks like Sunil has finally realized the extent of disaster. In a recently given interview to a news daily, finally Sunil admitted that “Mad In India” has miserably failed in making it to the hearts of the masses. While retorting to one of the questions about the possible reasons behind the failure of the show, Sunil stated that it was mass appeal of “Comedy Night With Kapil” and fixed perception of the masses about such kind of shows (obviously because of Comedy Nights…) which pushed “Mad In India” into the quagmire of failure.  Well don’t know whether by saying this Sunil who denied about any possibility of returning on “CNWK” was admitting his failure, or was trying to blame Kapil for the emergence of this entire disaster.

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