Sach Ka Saamna: Khandelwal Declines Season 3




Sach Ka Saamna: Khandelwal Declines Season 3The second half of this year will finally see Sach Ka Saamna making its comeback on Star One instead of Star Plus with a limited number of episodes. Actors like Ali Merchant and Nigaar Khan are expected to spice up the hot seat. Host Rajeev Khandelwal is understandably happy with his show’s return, although he’s not keen to host another season of the show after this.

“I’d signed the last season with a limited number of episodes. We ended after 50 capsules, but it’s not a typical reality show that we could have ended it with song and dance,” he says, explaining why the show seemed relatively short-lived. He adds that he always wanted to host a second season of the show. “We didn’t bore the audience the last time by stretching Sach Ka Saamna just because it had become popular. But I don’t want another season as an anchor after season two because it will become too rigorous for me as an assignment.”

The actor, currently promoting Anurag Kashyap’s Shaitaan where he plays a suspended cop, admits he wants to take the polygraph test that’s conducted for every participant before he or she appears on the show. “But I don’t think I’d ever want its results to be known to the public, although I want to know how saccha (truthful) the host of Sach Ka Saamna can be?” Rajeev argues.

A couple of years down the line, the actor, discovered by Ekta Kapoor for her daily soap Kahin To Hoga, plans to write and direct movies. Before that happens, he’d like to see one of his earliest movies, Peter Gaya Kaam Se, release. “It pinches when your work doesn’t get to its ultimate point. But then, there’s little I can do. I’m anxious, nervous and excited to know if I’ll be accepted in a movie again,” says Rajeev, whose next release this year is Soundtrack, where he plays a musician. “For the moment, I have enough to be happy about: a supportive wife, a superb show to anchor and a couple of cool projects to act in.”



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