Saif Conceals Kareena Tattoo




Saif Conceals Kareena TattooSaif Ali Khan, who went public with his love for Kareena after getting her name tattooed on his arm, will be hiding the tattoo with the layers of make-up. Buzz is that, the tattoo doesn’t go with Saif’s look in his upcoming film Agent Vinod. According to sources, “The tattoo will not be seen at all in Agent Vinod. Many action sequences are shot in close-up frames and so director Shriram and Saif decided to hide the tattoo,” it was reported.

Seems like Saifu would rather go through the daily routine of layers of foundation, than get the tattoo removed. He said, “It is not tedious at all and a lot of actors abroad do it. It’s simple and I am doing it. I cover it with normal foundation and powder.” With such a devoted beau, Kareena is one lucky girl!



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