Saif Does All Stunts In Agent Vinod, But Safely



Saif Does All Stunts In Agent Vinod, But SafelySaif Ali Khan is trying his best to perform daredevil stunts in his home production Agent Vinod, but wants to do it with utmost safety and precaution. “I think with this movie, we will try and do as much action as possible. But at the same time, we do not want to break a leg and then not shoot for days to come,” said Saif.
The actor, who was in the capital to shoot the climax of Agent Vinod last month, says he has done all stunts himself in the movie so far, and he was extra careful whenever required. “So far I have done all the sequences myself – we were cut and bruised in some, but obviously we have to be responsible. Action scenes are slightly dangerous always, but it is usually the unexpected, innocuous shots that hurt you. For the big ones, usually everyone is extra careful,” he added.




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