Saif Packs A Punch In Agent Vinod



Saif Packs A Punch In Agent VinodIt’s action time for the Khans of Bollywood. And Saif Ali Khan won’t settle for anything less than perfection for Agent Vinod. So, despite all the challenges and physical strains, the chote nawab is performing some heavy-duty stunts in his ambitious home production.  “I am battered and bruised all over. Although it has been taxing to shoot for Agent Vinod, I am sure it will be a very special film in my career,” says Saif, who has been hurt many times while shooting for director Sriram Raghavan’s film.

A few days back, while filming an action sequence, Saif hurt himself when a sharp sword made a deep slit on his fist. The actor, though, plays it down saying, “Well, such things do happen.” But it’s not the only instance when he has hurt himself on the sets of his movie. During a schedule in Delhi, Saif apparently had a bad fall from a bike when a stunt went wrong, and he was literally pulled away. It had resulted in bruises on his leg and wrist. And apparently, this time around, Saif isn’t using any body double for the film and is executing all stunts himself.

For stylised hand-to-hand combat scenes, Saif also visited Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to learn martial arts with his action director Peter Heinz. “I went to Vietnam because Peter wanted me to experience the culture of martial arts in the country. And trust me, it has been a terrific experience to do heavy-duty action,” he says. Apparently, Saif will change his body style, muscle tone and weight for all the action sequences in Agent Vinod. It’s believed that for the recently concluded sequences shot in and around in Delhi, Saif was athletic and agile, but for the next set, the camera will focus on Saif’s brawn quotient in tight close-ups. So, he will be seen with rippling muscles.



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