Sallu Says No To Booze For Six-pack

After gaining weight for playing a 45-year-old corrupt cop, Salman Khan would stay off alcohol for a sexy six-pack avatar. The actor will go for a makeover for brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri’s My Love Story, a remake of the Malayalam film Bodyguard. The coming ten months are going to be really hard for Sallu as the actor will have to abstain from alcohol and work really hard to get those formidable packs.

Sallu Says No To Booze For Six-packA source says, “Yes, Salman loves to drink, but he has now become very conscious after the stupendous success of Dabangg and Bigg Boss 4.” Adds the source, “Abstaining from alcohol is not difficult for Salman. He has done this in the past. In fact every year, he goes off hard drinks during the holy month of Ramzan and Ganesh Chaturthi festival.” Not only this Salman will also have to modify his diet drastically. Says the source, “If he wants to get the six-pack in quick time, then an only no-alcohol policy will not help. He is completely off carbohydrates as well.”


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