Salman Does An Aamir


It looks like Salman is going to be the next Aamir Khan in the industry. After delivering box office hits in last few years, Salman Khan doesn’t want to go wrong when it comes to any of his roles in upcoming films.
According to a unit hand from the sets of his upcoming film Ek Tha Tiger, the actor doesn’t shy away from giving his suggestions and opinions to director Kabir Khan. Very recently, the actor went on to direct an action sequence too. “There was an action sequence where the actor had to chase villains and beat them up, but Salman suggested that instead him chasing them, villains should run to him and he will beat them up smartly,” revealed a unit hand.
Director Kabir Khan tried to convince him otherwise but Salman refused to do the scene. He asked the director to rewrite the scene. Finally the director had no option but to change the action sequence according to Salman.
The scene was shot according to Salman’s suggestion and apparently has turned out perfectly. It is believed that everyone including the director loved it. We hope Salman won’t get infamous like Aamir among his directors for being an interfering soul.


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