Salman Gets Creative For Chillar Party







Salman Gets Creative For Chillar PartyProducer Salman Khan’s creative mind has been working extra shifts as far as his first co-production with UTV, Chillar Party, is concerned. As the movie, made with regular school-going kids, gears up for release, he is “completely on the ball”, ideating on promos with his ‘stars’, putting together screenings and suggesting never-seen-before shots. “Salman is actively working on the promotions and publicity being designed for Chillar Party. He is indeed busy with Bodyguard but it’s true that he’s taking out time every day to sit with us on the marketing and creative decisions,” asserts Vikas Bahl, the film’s co-director. “So, even if he gets an idea at six in the morning or two at night, he makes sure the thought is shared, discussed and if possible, even developed into a strategy, pronto.”

Vikas, along with and co-director Nitesh Tiwari, has shot for promos with Salman, in which he dons the avatar of a film producer. “He really has a creative mind. He comes up with ideas every day, each better than the previous. You have to be really smart and pick the first idea that works best for you,” he smiles.

Also, Salman has been personally finalising screenings to create the right kind of buzz. “It was his idea to screen the film at IIFA to give the promotions a head start. Also, he has devised some innovative camera shots, which take publicity to another level,” adds Vikas.

Meanwhile, Chillar Party’s first promo with Ranbir Kapoor’s item number, ‘Tayyn tayyn fish…’ has just come on air and is gathering momentum. “I’m now getting nervous,” admits Vikas. “I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Things are moving briskly. I hope everything that has started well, ends well.”



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