Salman Ignorant About Ramdev?




Salman Ignorant About Ramdev?While Baba Ramdev’s fast for corruption is the talk of the country, Dabangg actor Salman Khan claims to be unaware of the Yoga Guru.
When quizzed about Baba Ramdev in a recent event, Salman said he knew of only three Babas. “I know my Baba (his father Salim Khan), Bollywood’s Baba (Sanjay Dutt who is fondly called Sanju Baba) and our own Sai Baba (the Shirdi Sai Baba),” stated the witty actor.
While other Bollywood celebs are tweeting about Ramdev fiasco, the Ready star chooses to ignore it completely.
Celeb tweets:
Preity Zinta – A dark and sad day for India! How dare the cops tear gas and lathi charge women, children and peaceful protesters against corruption! Not DONE!

Celina Jaitley – Corruption cannot be battled by the bhook hadtaals of these self-proclaimed leaders with a personal agenda. Every one cannot be Anna Hazare.

Mahesh Bhupathi – Whomever keep saying we are the fastest growing economy in the World should follow the Baba Ramdev episode. Reality Check!!!

Ram Gopal Varma – Considering our great Indian mentality more than Hazares and Ramdevs fasting we might get better results if Shah Rukh Khan, Rajnikanth, Sachin Tendlkar and Katrina Kaif fast.



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