Salman Khan to take on SRK


Salman Khan to take on SRKLooks like Salman Khan is going to play a super-hero after all and may be just to tick Shah Rukh Khan off! He has decided to take on Shah Rukh Khan’s 3D film Ra.One with Sher Khan. Buzz is that Sher Khan has a budget of a whopping 100 crores and claims to have the best special effects ever. Salman is reportedly hell-bent upon upping Ra.One with his sci-fi flick. He wants the film to be a children’s entertainer with great 3D special effects and he wants it to look completely different from Ra.One.
Producer of the film Sohail Khan has confirmed that Salman Khan will play Sher Khan. “I gave him (Salman) a one-line story brief of a lion-hearted He-man who lives his life for the world, and he loved it. I’ve roped in Kona Venkat who scripted the Telugu original of Ready to write Sher Khan,” said Sohail. Sohail claimed that the film will not see Salman flying in the air but instead have a romantic angle to it.




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