‘Sex Icon, Me?’



Actress Vidya Balan is her giggly self. Do we blame it on the butterflies in her tummy? “I am anxious,” said Vidya, “All of us have worked hard. We’ve all given this movie our cent per cent. Let’s hope it all pays off and people like what we have made.”
So how does Vidya react to the ‘sex icon’ tag she has been bestowed with thanks to her oomph, bold and sexy avatar in ‘The Dirty Picture’? “Sex icon, me? It’s my character they find sexy. But it’s quite flattering. I’ve always maintained that Indian women are beautiful. They are the epitome of womanhood with their curves in the right place.”
Vidya has put on 12 kgs of weight for her role in the Milan Luthria-directed motion picture. “It was tough and unwanted, but it had to be done. I’m going to start working out after the release of the movie, and hopefully will get back to what I used to be,” she says. 
Vidya will next be seen in ‘Kahaani’. “It’s another movie that’s very close to my heart. Let’s take it one at a time.”

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