Shahid-Priyanka’s Valentine’s Day Spat

B-town’s hottest couple Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra had a fight over a petty issue and spent Valentine’s Day apart. The duo didn’t even speak to each other all day. “What a tragedy. One of the hottest couples of Bollywood didn’t spend Valentine’s Day together,” a source close to the couple said.
Shahid-Priyanka's Valentine's Day SpatThe couple reportedly didn’t exchange a single word. “Normally, both would have woken up to mushy messages from each other. In fact, just a few days ago, their friends were teasing them about the same. Lekin aisa nahin hua,” the source added. The spat was over a trivial issue.

“They fight over deciding the menu in a restaurant. They also fight when either of them cannot devote time to the other. For example, when Priyanka got excessively busy with Don 2, it led to both of them deleting each other from their social networking sites,” informed the source.
Earlier, Shahid was reportedly furious when Priyanka got quite friendly with Ranbir Kapoor during the shooting of Anjaana Anjaani and signed another film Silence opposite the Kapoor boy. “These two can neither live with each other, nor live without each other,” concluded the source.


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