Shark Scare For Katrina


Shark Scare For KatrinaKatrina Kaif was shooting for Zoya Akhtar’s film Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara, where she plays the role of a hot diving instructor. While the actress was initially rather enthusiastic about the role, she is now definitely mortified of it. “Close to the start of filming, Katrina had a private instructor, who trained her in deep sea diving, at Otters Club, in Bandra. She was under the impression that ‘this is easy’ as all she had to do was practice to breath in the deep-end of the pool. But when she landed up for the actual shoot, the weather was acting up. There was a storm at sea. Two hours into sailing, the instructor asked her to jump into the sea,” a source said.

When she looked up, everyone was frantically gesturing to her. She thought they were making fun of her. She swam around, mesmerized by the aquatic life. After the shoot, the crew confessed to her that when she took her first dip, a shark passed from above her. She was shocked that nobody told her to get out of the water. The thought of the incident alone was enough to mortify her.”

Katrina still seems shaken. “When Zoya had told me about my character, I had to practice deep sea diving… but nothing prepared me for the big ocean. We were shooting for three days to get the shot right and I lost about 3kg due to the mental strain and fear. I was really scared. In the shot, I am supposed to hold Hrithik’s hand and walk, but if you look closely, I was clutching his hand because I was scared.”



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