Shekhar’s Daughter Wants Mr India





Shekhar’s Daughter Wants Mr IndiaSeventeen years have passed since Shekhar Kapur made a commercial Hindi film. Bandit Queen (1994) was his last stint in filmmaking in India. But the director-scriptwriter says his daughter Kaveri wants him to make another film like his 1987 hit, Mr India. “Once I’m through with my current projects, I will work towards a film along the lines of Mr India. As of now, I don’t have a plan in place but I am collaborating with other Indian filmmakers and musicians in different capacities to explore this,” he says.
Meanwhile, after reworking Paani’s script several times over, Shekhar is working on its cast and planning the third movie in the Queen Elizabeth series. “After The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (a documentary) for Cannes, I’m itching to do an out-and-out musical as well. Both my Elizabeth movies were heavy on music,” he asserts, adding, “I intend to use a lot of music in Paani too. I was jealous of Rakyesh (Omprakash Mehra) when he was editing the love songs for this documentary. After all the current projects, I think a masala film will be apt for me.”
Shekhar’s poetry is currently being mixed with band Midival Punditz’s music for an album that releases in six months. He will also lend his voice to the song Goodbye my love… Before that, the filmmaker is off to Cannes. He beams, “I am going there to work out distribution and production deals for Paani.”



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