Shweta Bhardwaj Goes The Prosthetic Way

Shweta Bhardwaj Goes The Prosthetic WayWell it was unbelievable to see the sexy Shweta Bhardwaj, who was last seen in ‘Bin Bulaaye Baraati’, looking all old and haggard during a recent shoot, but the truth was that Shweta was wearing prosthetic make-up as she portrays the role of a woman who ages from 18-40 in the film and in her journey from a girl to a woman.

They used eye bags and yellow skin to make her look older in age & especially during some of the prison sequences. When asked about her this de-glam role, Shweta said, “It was quite strange for even me to look at myself like that, but I got used to it and with the continuous shooting my eyes anyways started looking baggy & it seemed like I was naturally looking way older than my age. But it has been a fun experience also as it taught me a lot of patience to sit in the chair for so many hours just getting the make-up done.” She also recently shot one song for the movie with a chroma background & sources reveal that it will be a mind blowing song when the final results come.

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