Shweta Loses Glam Image



Shweta Loses Glam Image  Mission Istanbul’s Shweta Bhardwaj seems to have let go of her glamorous image to suit her character at a recent shoot. This model was wearing prosthetic make-up to depict her journey from a young girl to an old woman, for a film. She was made to look older with the help of eye bags and yellow skin tone.

Shweta Bhardwaj has come a long way since her first movie in 2008. She was seen in Loot this year. She is also playing a guest appearance in Players. “It was very strange for me to see myself like this. The continuous shooting made me look exhausted and this helped my image in a big way. All in all, it was a fun experience and also taught me how to sit patiently on a chair and get my make-up done over a few hours,” says the diva. She has also shot a song for the movie.

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