Sonakshi Sinha Harassed By Mob

It doesn’t happen only in Delhi. After Gul Panag complained of molestation in Delhi marathon, Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha too was harassed by a group of boys, who not only passed comments on the actress but also touched her on her shoulder and arms.

Sonakshi Sinha Harassed By MobThe incident took place in Gandhi garden near Mantralaya in South Mumbai, where three NGOs from the city paid tribute to those who lost their lives during the 26/11 carnage two years ago, it was reported.

An eyewitness narrated the incident, “Sonakshi was quietly leaving the event around 5.30 pm when suddenly a large group of people began following her. Most of these people seemed to be her fans, but a few miscreants who had been lurking around all this while, cut through the crowd to reach her.”

The mob followed the actress and few of the miscreants said things like ‘Idhar dekho na, hamse baat karo na’. Some of them got too close for comfort, and touched the actress on her arms and shoulders.

Added the eyewitness, “Their behaviour was disgusting and that too at an event where the police bandobast was at its best.”

Sonakshi’s bouncers came to her rescue and escorted her to a safe zone. Sonakshi was apparently in tears while stepping into the car that escorted her.

While Sonakshi is yet to recover from the shock of the unfortunate incident, her manager said, “The mob’s behaviour was simply unacceptable. They created a big ruckus, completely disrespecting the speakers on stage. They even fell over and hit each other.”


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