SRK Amused By Telugu-speaking Don


The Baadshah of Bollywood, who flew down to Hyderabad  to promote ” Don 2″, was a good two hours late, but that did not deter the media and fans who had gathered in large numbers to greet him at a city multiplex. “It’s a very hectic schedule for me. We are going all across the country for this film. I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” he said.


Post the publicity overdrive for ” Ra.One”, King Khan has taken to doing the needful for his upcoming flick.


Speaking about his marketing strategies, he said, “For me marketing a film is not about how many eyeballs you grab or how many bums you get on the seats. It’s all about how informed the audience is about a film. Let’s face it, these are expensive times. There are so many expectations when the audience walks in to watch a movie and as producers and actors, our job is to meet those expectations. So it’s important for the audience to be informed about a film. Our promotions for “Don 2” are different from “Ra.One”. You know about Don, all you need to know now is that he is back! We’ve just begun our tours, now we’ll be all over you.”


With the dubbed version of the movie releasing in Andhra Pradesh, King Khan seemed pretty amused by the Telugu version of his famous dialogues. “I love the way my character says ‘Roma, my wild cat’ in Telugu. Sounds quite good, huh,” joked SRK.

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