SRK Shows Off Undergarment

Actor Shah Rukh Khan has done something that’s going to get one and all comparing him to Salman Khan.
The actor has just become the brand ambassador of an undergarment brand, and will be seen on television screens putting on a vest and showing his fab bod which he has still managed to maintain since his Om Shanti Om days. 
His muscles accentuated, SRK is these days known to be one of the fitter heroes in the industry. An ad man tells us, “His 6-pack abs were an achievement of sorts. He showed that Shah Rukh could do it, too! And he hasn’t let himself go after that. First he was a first-class romantic, now he is also fit and fine and classy!”
In comparisons with the other two Khans – Aamir and Salman, SRK stands his own. “They all three are brilliant in their own way. It really depends on the demographics of your target audience.”

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