Sunny calls Indians conservative !!!

Sunny calls Indians conservative

Sunny calls Indians conservative

Sunny leone, the porn artist turned Bollywood star needs no introduction. In an interview She talks about her parents, family and film career.

To a question about her acting in adult movies, Leone says that her parents knew about her independent nature. And she had informed about her debut in the adult films before any of her relatives could tell. That helped things sink down better.

She is turned on by an intelligent conversation with a man and is turned off with bad smelling colognes.

She feels that India will never have a porn industry as in the US because people here are conservative and they look down upon porn. But they surely watch porn with interest adding that people in the US don’t discuss sex over lunch or dinner.
On her feud with Pooja Bhatt during Jism 2, leone says she is not in touch with her. Pooja made a statement which she didn’t like. She had said that she (Pooja) had humanized her but she was a human being much before she met Pooja.

In hindsight, Sunny Leone has no regrets or guilt because of her past. If I had not a past about which you know, I may not have reached where I have now.

On her family, she says that her husband has always been very supportive of all my decisions. He knows each bit about me. We are sincere to each other and we have a monogamous relationship. We are planning to have babies, she adds quirkily.

The actress and her husband plan to buy a decent house in Mumbai soon. `But, right now my priorities are, `Teena and Lolo,` `Ragini MMS2` and the `Jackpot.` I quit adult movies much before the ‘Bigg Boss’ offer,` she adds.
About her audience, Leone maintains that in India people who detest her are outnumbered by those who love her.
Reacting to Amar Upadhyay lifting her up in his arms in ‘Bigg Boss’ leone says that she has not seen that man after the show. She really doesn’t want to talk to him.


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