Sushmita Takes Break From Bollywood




Sushmita Takes Break From BollywoodAfter 14 years, 34 films and very few hits in between, actor Sushmita Sen has decided it’s time for a break. Unlike other stars, Sen, 35, is pragmatic about her Bollywood career. “You know, I’d love to say I’m working on something, but that’s not true at all. I’m actually just pausing because I think I have to pause now. It’s been too many years and I kind of look at all the work I’ve done, all the flops I’ve delivered and I have to reassess a little bit,” she says.
There is one film in the pipeline and she’s hoping the director will announce it soon. The role, she says, is new to her and she’s a little jittery. There’s still a spark in her eyes at the thought of films. But doesn’t her decision to take a break, weigh heavy on her? “Not at all. Acting has given me a platform most people struggle to have; I got it on a silver platter. As an actor I have done my work diligently and with as much dignity as I possibly could, but whether it’s the choice of script or taste of audience, when you do it regularly you lose that objectivity and I have lost that objectivity.”
Her focus now is her children and her companies. “I asked myself, do I really want to do this. With a baby at home and my companies, the I AM foundation, I have a lot more that needs my attention right now. It’s time to focus on them.”
The actor flew into Delhi a few days ago to walk the ramp for Delhi-based NGO Khushi, which she has been associated with for four years. She was accompanied by her daughters Renee and Alisah, who sat in the audience to watch their mum sashay down the runway. “They are my heart and soul,” she gushes at the mention of her children. A proud mommy, she shares how Renee has just completed class 7 with great grades and how baby Alisah, now a year and seven months old, has picked up words such as ‘kiss’, ‘up’, ‘walk’. “The words sound like commands, she’s a little princess who has us wrapped around her little finger. She can operate any remote control, any gadget without being told what to do, she’s going to be an engineer,” she says. What about Renee? She says, “Her only aim in life is to be an actor. I have taken her for some shoots to show her that it’s not easy, it’s not all fans and looking pretty, yet, she still wants it!”



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