The Real Reason Behind SRK, Farah Spat

There was a time when Farah Khan couldn’t even think of working with anyone but SRK; cut to 2010, the choreographer-turned-director is happy with her decision to not cast Shah Rukh Khan in Tees Maar Khan. But one wonders, what prompted her to take the decision. The Om Shanti Om filmmaker is reported to have said that she wanted to change the misconception that her films work only because of SRK. She says “For whatever reason, a lot of credit for my films used to be given to the fact that Shah Rukh acted in them. A lot of people in the industry want to pull you down, and they always said, ‘Oh, her films run because he’s in it.’ But I want to tell them that Shah Rukh was in many movies that didn’t run. So this time, good, bad, ugly… whatever, it is going to be my movie.” Farah knew the consequences of her decision. Her friendship with Shah Rukh suffered a setback. Moreover, it was very tough for her to take that decision. “Yes, it was very difficult. Very tough in the sense that it was an emotional decision. But in all other ways it was the right one. I knew that it was going to rock the boat and I could’ve just stayed in that position but there were too many things happening that maybe, I didn’t like at that time and my decision was a reaction to that. And if I hadn’t done this, maybe the boat would not have rocked but I would not have felt good about myself.”

The Real Reason Behind SRK, Farah SpatFarah felt that SRK reacted more than she thought he would. She adds, “I had to take this decision. I think more than anything, he also reacted radically to my decision. There also, things went a little haywire. He reacted more than I thought he would when I told him that I was starting my film with another hero.”

The director is however hopeful that things might go back to being normal. She says, “There is nothing permanent here, I have realised that. And even now when I meet him which hasn’t happened in the last six months things were normal, as if nothing was wrong. We met at the hospital, where we’d both gone to visit Bobby Chawla.”


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