‘Totally Unfair To Blame Bollywood For (Rape)’

jacquelineWith the issue of violence against women and the need for a safer environment gaining momentum; fingers have been pointed and questions raised on the portrayal of women in Hindi films. Reacting strongly to such comments, actor Jacqueline Fernandez said, “I think it’s totally unfair to blame Bollywood for such a disgusting act.”

Talking about the recent gang-rape case in Delhi she added, “Rape is not only inhuman, but also animalist. People here feel that they can do anything and get away with it. I think it is important for the government to make strict laws and stringent punishment so that people have the fear and think twice before committing such heinous crimes.”

The actor also voiced her opinion on some of the recent statements made by politicians on how a woman should dress and that they should restrict themselves to doing household chores. “It’s really unfortunate that women are treated in such a manner. When we don’t set specific rules for men, how can they set rules for us? Today the main question is to punish the guilty,” she added.

Going back to Bollywood’s portrayal of women, the actress said, “I strongly feel Bollywood lyrics should be modified to avoid vulgarity.”

Jacqueline who has been linked to producer Sajid Khan in the past admitted that link-ups do not bother her. “I think link-ups are a part and parcel of our industry and one has to deal with it. We have a larger-than -life image. It is better to stay good and happy in your own space. Link-ups do not upset me at all.”

The Sri Lankan origin actor, who has tried her hands with comedy and is now all set to do some action packed sequences in Race 2, admits that she enjoys both the genres. “Doing comedy is stress-free while action is physically challenging. I have been training with two Vietnamese martial arts experts for the movie and it was fun doing something new.”

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