Vidya Balan Mistaken For Kim Kardashian




Vidya Balan Mistaken For Kim KardashianAs if Lindsay Lohan being mistaken for Lady Gaga wasn’t bizarre enough, now it seems there is a resemblance between our desi beauty Vidya Balan and international socialite Kim Kardashian. Did you ever think this was possible? Well, if Vidya Balan is to be believed an Australian gay did. In her interaction with the media during the Wills India Fashion Week, she revealed that she was mistaken by an Australian gay to be sex-bombshell Kim Kardashian, it was reported. “I am gay, but you are really hot. By any chance, are you Kim Kardashian?” Vidya quoted the man to say.




Vidya Balan Mistaken For Kim Kardashian“I didn`t know what to say, so I just smiled,” an embarrassed Balan admitted. Well, films like Ishqiya and Dirty Picture sure are proof that Balan can get just as sexy and sensuous as Kardashian.



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