Vivek Oberoi Learning To Fly





Vivek Oberoi Learning To Fly After Shahid Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi is the latest one to take flying lessons for his next. The actor is looking forward to get a license to shoot a climax action scene with Hrithik Roshan. A well-placed source said Vivek has enrolled at a flying institute in Florida, US. And as and when he can, he takes off, to complete his flying hours before he can get his license.

Reportedly, his character is inspired from Patrick Stewart’s Professor Charles Xavier in the Hollywood’s X-Men series. There are quite a few mutants in this flick too. Chitrangada Singh’s character is based on Mystique, who can transform herself completely into another individual.

Rakesh Roshan has come up with one more twist in the flick. Vivek Oberoi will be seen glued to a wheelchair for most part of the film and then will be cured before the climax, it was revealed. Amusingly, Professor Charles also has a hi-tech plane for himself and his team, which may be the inspiration behind the specially designed plane for Vivek’s character in the movie. The production house is trying to keep the other details of the movie under wraps to build up suspense for the viewers.

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