We’ve Moved On: Kareena Kapoor

We’ve Moved On: Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is peeved that certain sections of the media are going to town over the fact that she was spotted exchanging pleasantries with Shahid Kapoor at a recent award show and then at filmmaker Karan Johar’s party. “It’s probably the 10th time we’ve spoken. But even after four years people still feel the need to write about it. It’s unfair since we’ve moved on. He may be in another relationship now and I’m with Saif (beau Saif Ali Khan) who knows that I will always wish Shahid well.”

So can be there a Jab We Met 2 now? “Some classics are best left untampered. Remember Geet as she was, why try to bring her back?” Kareena is particularly excited to have signed up another film with her idol Aamir Khan. She admits that at one point she almost believed she’d lost the Zoya Akhtar movie because the dates were not working out. “I don’t have even an hour to spare for the next year but Salman (Bodyguard) and Karan (producer of Short Term Shaadi) were very accommodating and I’m looking forward to working with Aamir and Rani (Mukerji), whose crackling chemistry in Ghulam had mesmerised me,” she says, adding that the dhokla-fefda drunken scene in 3 Idiots is one of her best scenes ever, and she has Aamir to thank for it. “He was always ready with suggestions. All the Khans are team players. Saif gets magazine cuttings for Sriram (Agent Vinod director Sriram Raghavan) to mould my look and he discusses my clothes with Aki Narula. And Shah Rukh wants me to look gorgeous in Ra.One.” Is there talk of another film with SRK? Says Kareena, “The next eight months are really busy. If I sign any more films, my family and Saif will forget me. And I will have to Xerox myself and distribute the copies amongst my producers.”

The actor has just returned from a rejuvenating break and is ready to start another hectic year. Bringing in the New Year with beau Saif has become an annual ritual now, after a Christmas spent with his kids and their families.  “I love Gstaad…The snow, the food, the people and the tranquility. I guess, there’s a bit of Europe in both Saif and me. That’s why we keep going back to this way out Swiss town. I’ve grown up in the film world but sometimes it’s nice to go someplace where no one talks about Bollywood movies or music,” she sighs, adding that Saif and she have learnt to enjoy reading, skiing or just talking. “We’ve also made a pact to meet every 10 days.”


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